What Is Local Seo?

What is local SEO and how does it work?

       Learn how Google works so you can use this search engine optimization strategy and grow your business

       Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that makes your company more visible in local Google search results.

       To understand local search engine optimization, you first need to know how Google works.

       How did search engines develop?

       In the early days of the Internet, there were relatively few websites that made it easier to navigate the Web.  As soon as the Internet developed, search engines were created to make it easier for users to find the websites they were looking for.

       If you entered a phrase in the search engine, the phrase matched the websites that contained keywords in your search phrase.  Google used this approach, but quickly dominated other search engines than it was the first to use cross-site links for which websites were reliable and powerful.

       Today, Google analyzes hundreds of factors on its website to determine if posting as a search result is relevant.  Factors create their “fingerprint” and each factor has a different weight or value that is added to return the results to the search engines.  Your fingerprint determines whether you are the best at testing user types on Google.

       How does Google work?

       If you enter a search term in Google, you will see various website references or ranking factor models, e.g.  For example, the relevance of your website to return a list of websites that match your search.  .

       Most people don’t realize that Google doesn’t do a full live search every time someone enters a search bar.  You are currently looking for an archived copy of all the websites that Google has searched for.  This copy is called the Google Index.

       Improving your SEO affects the relevance and the outstanding factors of your website.  If the right elements of your website’s fingerprint are optimized, your website will appear more often in more search results.

       Local SEO is a different model

       After analyzing user behavior across billions of searches, Google found that people looking for certain types of businesses needed results from their immediate region.  For this reason, Google’s local search algorithm contains an approximation factor.  This is a good way to say that Google takes your location into account when searching.  This also happens if the browser does not include the name of the city or “near me” in its search.

       However, if you do the same research at home, you will get different results.  It makes sense because you have to have pizza delivered nearby.

       Local research has been going on for years, but was limited because users used their desktop computers.  However, with the recent increase in mobile Internet use, mobile search has exploded, making local search engine optimization extremely important to the success of a company that offers local products or services.